Algood Living LLC
Contact: Holly & Eila Algood
Address: PO Box 190694 Hawi, HI, 96719
Email Address:
Phone: 808-936-9370
About Us
We are an off-grid 33 acre farm homestead located in Hawi. We have an integrated solar and wind energy system that produces all of our electricity and all of our buildings were built with green building technologies. We have county water and a well with a solar-powered pump. The well water has no salt and provides cold clear water for irrigation of our young coconut trees. We have less than 1/2 our land planted with coconuts, canoe plants and trees, bananas, papaya, wild cherry tomatoes, figs, dragonfruit, neem, flowers and herbs. Our coconut trees are starting to produce and we offer fully ripe coconuts with or without the hard outer shell. We also offer whatever herbs and produce is ripe through the Kohala Food Hub.
We are a no spray farm. We use organic and Korean farming additives to our soil and County or well water to irrigate. We have been members of Hawaii Organic Farmers and adhere to the guidelines they had in place for small farms.